20 Dec 2009

Best Pet Insurance

So I usually don’t do the whole insurance thing, I don’t have any for myself, not even health insurance until its more affordable, but for some reason its different with my kitty Frolina. I realised that she likes to jump up into warm car engines, run all around town in a 3 mile radius, run up trees into stalking cats, wrestle with dogs, lie like a black shadow in dark places I tend to step. She is very high risk. Her enjoyment in life is all about risk. And with my travelling lifestyle on a shoestring I’d never have a spare few grand to cover major surgery that always tends to happen at the worst possible time. So I’ve been looking around for a month for the best most inclusive Pet Insurance, at a very affordable price, with a very low deductible – $100.

I found Pets Best, and got her insured with more coverage and cheaper than I found elsewhere on the most basic plan. Just around $12 a month. In case anyone is interested.

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