27 Jan 2010

In Transition

This year I plan to roadtrip as much as possible via CraigsList Ride Shares. All the pleasure of a roadtrip with none of the footprint guilt – that vehicle was going anyway, with my butt in it or not. Plus Id get to meet new people along the way and get hooked up with randomly awesome, unforseen scenarios that make a trip unforgettable. So when I found this guys site I was enthralled! He’s taking it the max. Well, max in that its a non-stop roadtrip. This is so easily doable, and so I am rubbing where my beardy beard would be and thinking about it…

One mans mission to live in 3 cities for 3 months, using only craigslist.

Date: 2009-12-27, 6:30PM

“I am very much in a transitional stage. But then, my whole life is in limbo. Aside from living out of a suitcase and sleeping in three towns in four days, I have racked up 730-miles, stopping for bathrooms, of sort, food, coffee and sleep. Life is very much on the road.”

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