23 Feb 2010

The Lightest Laptop Stand I’ve Eyeballed

My 4 years old laptop is a blustering old mule that runs hot and heavy all the time when its not groaning under the weight of PhotoShop, Outlook and Dreamweaver. I can’t afford a new laptop yet (I’ve been saying this for years) because I spend more time travelling and farting around in the sun than working. Really, I love what I do, especially if it involves socks, and I would do it all for free if I didn’t have to eat… but I also work just enough hours to afford to eat really well and play. But I can afford a stand to allow airflow, and it would be nice to have the screen raised to eye level, its just that they are so bulky…

My new coffee shop friend Gabrielle was sporting an orange set of laptop legs that had me completely intrigued – a friend of hers makes them. So I just bought myself a purple set in celebration of purple and the end of my eternal quest for the lightest portable laptop stand with adjustable height. I held one and it felt like nothing was in my hand. Yay for this ingenious design! And YAY FOR PURPLE!

I got mine here!

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