12 Jun 2010

Frolina Petunia Is Coming Home!!!

In just 3 days I’m embarking on a long journey to my old desert home to bring back THE MOST PRIZED TRAVELLING KITTY IN ALL OF MARATHON TEXAS AND BEYOND!!! Yes! Even more prized than your travelling kitty. You’re not reading things. After months of trying to scrape together hundreds and hundreds of dollars for such a journey and consistently failing, I finally twigged today that I have access to a meticulously kept estimated tax fund!!! YAY for being such a star bookkeeping nerd and YAY for blowing it ALL in 30 minutes flat on a slinky black cat and her plush carry-on travel adventure home with me. That crippling oh-CRAP-I-have-to-save-up-a-TON-OF-MONEY panic, and of course that unpaid taxes fine at the end of the year is going to be SOOOO worth it!

Mmmhmm. Blowing tummy raspberries whenever she demands attention, wearing her as a slinky upsidedown scarf (that’s usually bathed in dirt), going for long romantic walks together, and of course, having my hair loudly chewed on and coughed up, AND being savagely bitten awake every morning in time for breakfast will all be worth it. All for a cat that refuses to wear anyone’s collar, even mine. She’s perfect.

I’ve been thinking, I’d like to take her on a walking adventure some day soon. Problem is she suddenly whiffs something on the wind and dives off into bushes all the time. I’ve been trying to figure out if she’s more trainable…


  • Bronnie
    June 14, 2010 Reply

    This is my favourite picture of you EVER

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