13 Jun 2010

iRip for iPhone and iPod

What a life-saving app this is! My laptop was stolen about a month back and I lost my whole iTunes library. Who seriously can be bothered to keep burning those backups to DVD?

So for the past month Ive been unable to sync my phone with iTunes because my new iTunes library was empty and I’d made no backup of the original. I loved the audiobooks, ringtones and tracks on my phone so much I considered never syncing again. But today I found iRip which has imported all my files from my iPhone back into iTunes. And I mean ALL! I would hug it if I could I am so happy!!!

iRip is now FREE! So download away.

Other inferior apps are charging around $20 to do a crappier job at it. The Little App Factory – you guys rock!

*** UPDATE ***
Oh, so it does ask me to register half way through, to get all my tracks. Sneaky sneaky! However, I am still glad to pay the $20. The app worked perfectly!

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