31 Jul 2010

2 days to go…

… and for the first time I’ve started packing before the very last day. I started preparing a week ago.

I remember how just a few weeks ago I arrived back in Colorado and unpacked everything within a few hours. Hung all my dresses and skirts up on the log walls. Unbundled Frolina. Put all the essential oils out. Added my mug to our collection (of one). I was settled right in. It felt like a huge relief to finally be settled. It amazes me every few hours I’m not going to be here anymore.

I had to source some special things. Mosquito net, 3 months of personal supplies. There were requests for hard to find items to bring with me. Hope it all fits in the daypack Mike lent me. God I want to pack Frolina!!

I’d like to finish all shopping and packing on Saturday so Joseph and I can have a last normal fun everyday. Despite the challenges we’ve faced, having fun and hanging out together all the time is what we’re good at. Its what we love to do apparently more than most other things. And so Sunday is our last. Before everything changes early Monday morning. And in that single day, the moment I step onto that plane, there’s no looking back.

old sweet home


  • olivia
    August 1, 2010 Reply

    Thanks Bronnie!! I can’t believe it’s the last day already. I’m just glad that you, my very oldest friend, came out and got to stay in this log cabin with us. If you hadn’t there’d be a part of me that felt I imagined so much of what it was, what we had here in this little home. You very close to *know* what I’m letting go.

  • Bronnie
    August 1, 2010 Reply

    Awww I was so heart sore when I read that – Don’t get me wrong I am totally with you going forward on this fantastic new adventure just wish new adventures didn’t have to come with letting goes and goodbyes – I am terrible at these. In case I don’t get to call you and tell you myself everything of the best and have a total blast, learning and loving all you can. I am so proud of you my wonderful, strong, powerful, beautiful friend!

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