25 Jul 2010


Chad – this one’s for you:

I love RADIOLAB! A subject that has been on my mind a lot the past few years or so is finding out what I am capable of. What we can endure and overcome. I believe that deep down all of us have the potential to be top athletes or thinkers or something beyond the bounds of normal strength when we tap into those reserves, when we push ourselves past what feels like the limit. For the past few years I have been curious to know what I can endure, what I can overcome. I don’t really know why except just to know.

The RadioLab podcast LIMITS revealed some interesting things to me that I will use in future to reach my full potential.

How much can you jam into a human brain? How far can you push yourself past feelings of exhaustion? In this hour of Radiolab, we examine human limits.

Listen to the show

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