21 Aug 2010

Manifesting a Dream

I found out tonight that I will be doing an Ayahuasca ceremony in a few months when I’m ready. I dont know where I’m going to do it, which country, what its going to cost or any of the details, but I do know I need to do this. My feeling is it would be a good thing to do about a fortnight before returning to the States. It will bring everything I have learned together, bring all my remaining secrets out of their lurky little corners of the mind so I can deal with them, purge me and prepare me for returning to the States.

Ayahuasca is a magical potion from the Amazon basin that produces a very powerful visionary experience. Indigenous people say that during their trance, which lasts approximately four hours, they enter the world of the spirits and communicate with them, while psychologists consider DMT to be one of the hallucinogens, or psychedelics: “substances which make the soul visible.” I have heard this is not a fun experience. You don’t take this brew to party. It is a very difficult journey that can take you to the darkest and lightest places of your mind, and so it requires presence and commitment.

I have felt called to do this for years but have never felt ready. Now I feel very close. Somehow this is going to happen.

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