04 Nov 2010

Cristiano’s Bees

My 3 month live-in trade swap at InanItah is over. After an incredible weekend where we all went on a ritualistic journey together for Halloween, I gathered the things I wanted to keep and left on Monday feeling 100{a9f0d31f6175b3e4775e11a66c07db268fb74408d6095f6b46eeec420c0e9f62} ready to leave the lovely cocoon that was my home for a little while and take on the world!

I’m really lucky to be staying at my friend Cristiano’s in his awesome loft space. On a firm mattress. His house is made completely out of recycled and reclaimed resources and when I wake up I look up at the plantain leaf roof, the wooden stairs that go to the very top, and feel like I’m in a treehouse. The light streams in from all sides. I love living here. Cristiano is a really special guy.

He lives on his hostel and eco farm El Zopilote on Ometepe Island. It’s incredibly beautiful here, he’s done an amazing job, and it attracts tons of interesting volunteers from all over the world.

Today he showed me some of his bee hives — he has african bees, non-stinging bees and teeny tiny mini bees too!


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