08 Dec 2010

Forward the (r)evolution

About a month ago I was really lucky to meet these guys. They shared a few meals with the family and I at Hospedaje Central, the hostel where I’ve been living the past month. Forward the (r)evolution is two couples who are living and traveling the world without money. It started as a fun idea to do for a few months and now they have gone past their end date and are now living a life of travel without money. They aren’t bums. They aren’t trust fund kids. They are respectfully dressed, clean, ordinary people like you and me who live with little to no impact on the earth, catching rides that were going somewhere anyway and eating good food that would have gone to waste anyway. All the while they are giving talks on how other regular people can do the same. How ultimately we could all live in a world without money and evolve to a new system.

I’m not quite ready for this drastic step and all that it implies, like letting go of my career which I love, and the vulnerability of a single woman traveling alone without money worries me. But a seed was planted. And I admire them so much. I have a feeling I would do this for a few months, and then never want it to end. Who knows…

If you’re curious, check out their amazing travel blog, and the links where they give full information on how they did it and how you can too.

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