19 Dec 2010

Total Eclipse of the Moon

A spectacular celestial show along with three powerful events ALL occur on Tuesday, December 21st:

A Total Eclipse of the Moon , a Full Moon and the Winter Solstice.

The Lunar Eclipse occurs at the Full Moon, [12:13 am (just after midnight) Pacific / 1:13 am Mountain / 2:13 am Central / 3:13 am Eastern Time] at 29 degrees in the sign of Gemini. This eclipse will be visible in North and South America and then across the Pacific Ocean. The end of the eclipse will be visible rising at sunset for Japan and northeastern Asia. The beginning of the eclipse will be visible in northern Europe just before sunrise.

Eclipses represent special opportunities to break old patterns and make major changes in our lives. They occur close to the same degree in 19-year cycles. Issues that were important 19 years ago will come up for completion or for advancement to the next level.

This is a powerful time for healing our deep psyches. An eclipse of the Moon exposes unconscious aspects of the human psyche, bringing feelings and fears closer to the surface, making it clearer what is motivating us or keeping us blocked. Take this opportunity to process and clear any unresolved fears that may come up for you.

For a few days before, after, and including this day, we may see many contrasts in points-of-view. Be sure to consider all perspectives, and work out all differences with integrity and consideration for the practical and functional aspects of your life.

The Winter Solstice occurs on this same day (at 3:39 pm Pacific / 4:39 pm Mountain / 5:39 pm Central / 6:39 Eastern Time) when the Sun enters the practical sign of Capricorn. This brings an increase of energy to this already powerful day!

This is a profound day for prayer, meditation, stating intentions and performing spiritual rituals. Gather with members of your Heart Family to celebrate these energies and create from a place of “Inspired Action”. We will meet you there.

In Light & Love,
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