13 Jan 2011

Added Vitamins. The kiss that makes it all better.

I got treated for multiple cases of dreaded third world lurgy you don’t even want to know about, two weeks ago. I had a feeling something was off when I tripped quite radically to the moon and back after every single meal, for about 4 months now and sure enough, there were a few serious reasons for that. The doctor was amazed I wasn’t in physical pain too and had so much energy when really I should have been bedridden. I am too now that I think about it. A good friend of mine had to fly back home to Sweden in an emergency with this mystery illness. He could barely walk without nearly passing out when I last saw him a month ago and was tripping most of the time I tried to talk to him.

So anyway. The doctors here are amazing. As in, have no freaking idea what they are doing. I just checked out these “nutritional” capsules I was also given to take for a month, and have been taking daily, to “support your immune system and improve brain function”, and they turn out to be Novocaine!?!! With added vitamins. Wow. that. explains. a lot.

I’m starting to realise that anything that comes with “added vitamins” is the first warning.

Just like chocolate milk, stained so dark from puss and blood from overproducing cows they can’t do anything else with it to mask the taste or colour… with added vitamins. Mmmmmm!

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