13 Jan 2011

Blessed Feathers

I’ve been completely in love with Blessed Feathers since 2 weeks ago, when I first heard from Donivan, a mutual Tallest Man on Earth fan, who stumbled on my vimeo profile, intrigued by the pic and quote and wrote to me with questions. I nosed around his profile of course watched his video and was instantly hooked. Donivan, Jacquelyn and Jordan are 3 exceptional kids from Portland Milwaukee, Wisconsin with an incredible rich sound and astounding songwriting skills. The banjo nearly plucks my heart out I have to hold onto it sometimes. I can’t stand to not spread the love of their music everywhere and all the time, like peanut butter smeared on unsuspecting noses. I hope with all my heart to be lucky enough to meet them in my travels and hear them in full stereo earball all around me.





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