20 Feb 2011

Lying back in the bath tub…

… I decided as a game to remove all words from my head. The noises around me I no longer attached to an explanation or description. Senses started to blur, names for everything that is named disappeared… and I found myself in a space that felt like my body, the bathtub water around me, the mountain dew in my hand, it all felt like peering like a curious eye through a window into a single instance of life. My whole body froze into soft and recognised itself as a vessel. I felt connected for about 10 seconds to the mainframe of existence, except… connected isn’t the right word. I was existence in those 10 seconds, we all were, and I saw a billion windows open from a billion of our eyes at this moment in time, a knife fight starting on a subway, calling a cat across the street, a boyfriend waiting at a coffee shop staring out the window, driving to work and slamming on the indicator, falling asleep at the TV, lovers not caring they’re skinning their knees, rushing out the door with a paper bag stuffed in the mouth and hands struggling with the doorknob, shouting at Dad.

When I was in the center there was no each of us, just curious probes of life reaching out from the mainframe, looking to express and experience life in every possible colour and flavour, easy and difficult, exhilarated and bored, crippled with fear and free, as a mother, son, grandfather, a tree, an orphan, blind, a fish, cuddled, abandoned, remembered, forgotten, being born, dying, dead, waiting to be born.

There was no judgement there, no good or bad, only learning and understanding, as everything continued to create on the fly at an incredible speed stretching out exponentially as an ever enlarging sphere of awareness. All of these things, inside each of us, expressed in a completely unique sequence of events in space and time, unfolding every second, through dreamworld or reality… all of our windows of perception coming together to form the creator learning everything it can about itself.


  • Hayden
    September 14, 2012 Reply

    Is this for real? Or is it more like poetry?

    • } bird {
      September 14, 2012 Reply

      It happened.

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