30 Mar 2011

And… Mercury Goes Retrograde Again

It had been what felt like forever since I last heard that shining voice… until yesterday. He’s been living off the land in the jungle next to the lake, waiting until I return. As he said he would ever since I left, two months ago. As he always said I would, return. Far from civilization, running water, electricity… phone access he travelled all day since early in the morning to reach Internet, to find me. This distance is difficult. But at the same time, our pasts built us for this. It is nothing.

For a week now I have been feeling like I am about to enter a tunnel, preparing. Taking my last big breath yesterday, I ducked my head under water and am now making my way through an underwater cave, lit only by his distant fiery eyes. I will keep holding my breath until I resurface on the 26th of April, in Managua Nicaragua.

And this time, I won’t be bringing any baggage. There is no space for fear here anymore.


  • } bird {
    April 2, 2011 Reply

    Joseph? He’d just about have a heart-attack if he woke up in the jungle. There are spiders everywhere.

  • dragon
    April 1, 2011 Reply

    Joesph has moved to the jungle ????ha ha have fun bird !!! love em all ….

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