28 Mar 2011

Life is SAWEET!

And then you die. So make it good and make it fun and spend your time with everyone 😀

This clipping I have visualised and desired for months now. And here it is! It’s real!

I am so grateful I am able to do this. I am grateful I’m not afraid to do this. I am grateful to be in Pittsburgh with old friends right now. I am grateful for all the love and opportunities pouring into my life. I am grateful to be gradually freer every single day, giving away more and more of my stuff. I will see you soon Thiago!!! I am grateful for your neverending understanding and patience, for never failing to believe in us no matter what stupid things I did or said. I am grateful for Ometepe Island, how her lake healed me and how much I have learned there.

Unbelievable! In less than a month I’ll be on Ometepe Island, where the heart always shines.

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