13 Apr 2011

Mercury Retro in Aries 2011

How Mercury Retrograde during March 30, 2011 – April 23, 2011 affects YOUR SIGN:

Mercury retrograde usually implies a period of setbacks and changes of plan while sending communications, travel, appointments, mail and the www into a bit of a mess. Making a decision between these dates is not favoured, as the results won’t be very satisfying. Signing important contracts or documents is also discouraged.

All taken from astrologycom.com

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Mercury turns retrograde in your own sign first up. This comes at a crucial stage, urging you to think things through very carefully in April. Keep your plans to yourself and don’t rush into anything before careful consideration.


A bunch of planets will be riding right behind your sign (i.e. in your twelfth house of secrets and sorrows) so March and April may be a little difficult for you. This planetary gathering could make you feel sad and alone—and with Mercury retrograde your thinking could be rather irrational. So don’t allow bad ideas to enter your head, or this will affect your mood and health. If you want to be on your own that will be fine, as you could do with some down time. But, as I mentioned before, don’t leave any physical or mental health problem unchecked, and beware of enemies and false friends—there could be sneaky schemes afoot.


The first retrograde period for the year will be in your house of friendship and income from career. But I have a feeling that it will concern money. So there could be delays concerning incomes. You could be feeling somewhat depressed between the 30th of March and the 23rd of April, or your line of thinking could be erroneous at the time. Don’t make decisions during this time. To be on the safe side, be careful not to hurt any of your friends.


It will be a hectic time for you, especially with the bloody battle being waged between the planets during this interval of time. Mercury represents communication and thinking—and the retrograde in April indicates that you should take your time before making major shifts or big decisions in your life. Why not, when your home, love and career depend on it? The way I see it, this phase will not put fences in your way, but instead will give you time to think before your jump.


Mercury’s first retrograde period is in your house of travel and higher education. If you’re travelling then you could find yourself subject to untimely delays or changes of plans that will force you to reschedule. Travel is not advisable while Mercury is retrograde. If you are undertaking university studies or advanced training, this retrograde period will offer you a second chance to think things over before making a decision.


The first time Merc turns will be in your house of joint finances, inheritances—and life’s mysteries. There will be a lot of talk during these two months about unexpected financial income that will be delayed for one reason or the other. There could be money from your spouse involved. If you need to sign any important documents, try not to do so between these dates, as something misleading or even treacherous could be found in the documents. Sexuality will become more fascinating and a friend from the past may wish to become more. Don’t count on a long-term commitment, dear Virgo. Enjoy it while it lasts.


The first retrograde phase will be in Aries, which could mean obstacles or delays to your plans. It will give you a second chance to think things through before committing to anything or signing contracts. Check and double-check what was said and what was actually done. This period is not recommended for signing a contract, so beware: what you’ve said and what has been understood could be two different things.


All education, communication and commerce should thrive, except maybe when Mercury slows down and then turns retrograde. The first time this happens is in your house of work and health. By that time you will probably be so busy with work that you might be error-prone. Be extra careful during this time; check and double-check everything before you are satisfied, because you could have to redo part of your project. Be careful of injuries while completing your daily tasks as of the 15th of April.


The first time will be in your house of gambling and fun. Mercury will start its retrograde journey on the 30th of March and will move forward again on the 23rd of April. It is a period of caution for you, Sagittarius.


Mercury’s first retro cycle will happen in your fourth house, your home sector. So if you’re about to buy a home in this period of time, don’t; or at least check and double-check everything concerning the property and the contract. If renewing, expanding, changing the interior or exterior of your house, some of the work may have to be redone, if something is missing or was overlooked. If under pressure at the time, be careful not to say something you don’t mean, or to get into disturbing disputes with those at home.


The first time will be in your house of travel and communication, so this will affect you strongly. You don’t to have to worry though… Firstly, you should send your car for a checkup and then be sure to drive carefully between the 30th of March and the 23rd of April, for this is when Mercury will be retrograde. Secondly, you would be well-advised to abstain from signing any contract before checking and double-checking all the details. Thirdly, be sure to express your ideas clearly. What you say and what people understand could prove to be two different things.


Mercury will retrograde in your house of money, between the 30th of March and the 23rd of April. In between those two dates losses are probable if you don’t handle your finances adequately. Don’t buy or sell during this time, or if you must, check everything twice.

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