17 Apr 2011


One hundred and sixty nights ago to this night under the Moon Wavespell, on our Ometepe Island, my body transcended all known limits, unleashing my spirit though a timeless moment we shared under the blackest sky. The loudest soundless cry cracked then resonated throughout me as if the whole universe was a bell, sensations so intense we were unable to process what was happening to us until we completely surrendered. Awakened. For hours we were entwined through space no longer separated by physical bodies, surrounded by a billions other stars. You liberated my most secret self that night and showed it to me, in complete safety and love, exposed for the first time even to me, but only ever shared with you. Saved for you. This experience changed the fabric of me in an instant, resetting a personal resonance I’ve known for years, awakening new thoughts of mind, of being. And throughout a night of wakeful sleep you were wrapped and threaded throughout my destiny in the most unimaginable textures and colours that just kept changing, so far off into the space around us we lost sight.

Little did we know we were under the influence of the White Rythmic Wizard who was celebrating his galactic birthday!

Happy Anniversary meu amor… meu manga deliciosa…

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