29 Jul 2011


Thanks to the wonderful healing powers of my dear friend Dragon and his Seawolf Medicine, I have bounced back, in an explosive way that I only remember in my teens.

For weeks now, since leaving Nicaragua, aside from carrying a heavy heart from being so far away and almost completely out of contact with my love, I have been plagued by health problems that despite medicine’s of every kind that I could afford were getting dramatically worse. It got so bad that I was sleeping 12-13 hours a night, and having naps of between 1-3 hours twice a day. literally just falling asleep without any control over it. I hardly worked because I was hardly even awake. I was losing weight rapidly too. I lived off just about nothing, maxed out my tiny credit cards and if it weren’t for good friends to keep me smiling and an old friend super excited to see me again who gave me a good bed to sleep in, guaranteed I would have ended up on the street. To add to the worry other things mounted — I developed painful cavities I couldnt afford to take care of, I can hardly see through my glasses as they got completely roughed up in Nicaragua, and I spent what little I had left taking Frolina to the vet. I tried everything to keep my spirits up, drank lots of water, ate tons of berries, fruit, dark green veggies, protein, meditated, took excellent vitamins and minerals, nothing seemed to help with the lack of energy. Every day I lost dramatically more energy with apparently no end.

Then, about 4 days ago, I woke up way before noon, slightly sleepy, but full of ambition. I set myself a goal to work 3 hours (the total I had worked the WEEK before), which I exceeded AND had the sudden urge to learn a new language – Brazilian Portuguese. From what I’ve heard its an incredibly difficult language to learn, but even so it sounds irresistibly sexy to me and must be learnt. I downloaded the full Pimsleur course and started lesson 1. Each day for the past few days I’ve been learning more and more Portuguese and working the kinds of hours I was working at full speed back when I wasnt travelling and was super healthy. After just the past few days of intense work I got to send out a very hefty invoice too which will cover the immediate emergencies. YAY!!! Then today I decided to start speed reading and have already increased my reading and comprehension from 360wpm to 720, EXACTLY DOUBLE!! Just a week ago I could hardly remember what I’d done the day before. Eventually the goal is to reach 3000wpm (approx 10 pages a minute). After that I want to learn something else. I dont know what is happening, but suddenly I have an insatiable appetite for learning and being productive.

This sudden turn around had me wondering… hmmm. What the heck is going on? I had a feeling Dragon had something to do with it (as I had mentioned briefly to him I was doing pretty badly) and as it turns out, around the exact same time as the turnaround he had handmade and set up a shrine with seawolf medicine just for me, which has been beaming happy radiant energy towards me since. How amazing! Nothing else worked. I didn’t even know about it.

I am so grateful for true, loving friends. The ones that have hung in there even though I keep moving, and hang out with me like it was just yesterday when 5 years have passed, and dont require constant emails and phonecalls to keep the love there. The ones that constantly offer and asking when I’m going to come to stay, in almost every favourite state of this country, who have helped me get back on my feet time and time again as I keep travelling. The ones that emotionally support me, even through the stupid stuff I keep doing over and over again, with patience and love and a huge amount of humour, knowing I may never really change. I would be NOTHING without these beautiful souls, or without my tiny family of Mom and brother. I have been so blessed by so much generosity of love. I would be NOWHERE without any one of these people. I owe it all, everything Ive grown to be and gotten to do, every place I have travelled, to friendship, to real love, to each and every single one of you that has let me stay in their bed, or bought me a cheerup drink, or sent me some inspiration, lent me a life-changing book, given me veggies and seeds from their garden, shared their hearts openly and hugged fearlessly with me.

Thank you!!!! SOOOO MUCH! Muito obrigado por todo o amor!


  • moondragon
    July 30, 2011 Reply

    we sea love ………

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