17 Jul 2011

To Each His Own

“When you no longer seek the final word on the rightness of your behaviors and instead seek alignment with the Source within you by finding thoughts, words, and deeds that fill you with love while you participate, you will understand that it is possible to live upon this planet with large numbers of other Beings–who believe and behave in a variety of ways–in peace.”
~ Abraham-Hicks

Sometimes I get frustrated with myself. On the one hand I KNOW I know NOTHING, and I am here, craving to learn and seek as much as I can in this short lifetime… and on the other hand I have this INFURIATING habit of always needing to be right. Even arguing until I’m shouting sometimes.

I need to learn to shut up and accept exactly how the other person thinks or feels, even, in the worst case, if what I am not accepting is another person criticising me… the other person not accepting me. Why do I get so heated? Why do I care so much about what other people think about things? And also, why do I continue to care so much about what other people think of me? I would like to be completely free of all of this junk.

Afterall, other peoples opinions of us are none of our business. Their opinions are their unfinished business.


  • } bird {
    July 18, 2011 Reply

    thanks dragon. i cant imagine you shouting at someone and losing your cool, haha, but youre right.

  • moondragon
    July 18, 2011 Reply

    we are only human ……….

  • } bird {
    July 17, 2011 Reply

    Wonderful comment Denise… rich with wisdom. thank you.

  • denise
    July 17, 2011 Reply

    one of the sayings they have in AA is if it does not apply let it fly, i have learned to listen to other people because what i have found are people are mirrors to my soul, it does not bring about fear because i accept growing learning and accepting things i need to change about myself is ok. if womeone tells me i am selfish i will look at it and i am ok with that and if i am i will do my best to change it, there is nothing wrong with being on the road to change and nothing is a negative unless we take it as one.give you a simple example my sister sees retirement as a negative i see it as apositive, but the truth is it just is why does it have to be one or the other it just is, words only take on a negative power if we give it that power.

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