07 Jul 2011

Why should we bother voting?

A lot of us think sometimes there is no point, that it doesn’t really count because they don’t listen to us anyway. It’s not exactly true. Just think about what talks. The only thing they listen to and in fact, the only real voting system that exists. We vote every single time we open our wallets and choose what to spend it on. Creating a ripple of demand. Showing our stamp of approval. Of where the item was manufactured, how it was made, what precious resources it used, how far it was transported at what expense to keep frozen, which countries and small businesses were squashed to make it so incredibly affordable, every job that was lost. In this sense the world does revolve around you. And every single thing you demand to have.

When I think about this, and how angry I get about how everyone else is fucking up the planet… and then I think about that thing I just bought, or ate… I shut up.

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