11 Aug 2011

Patience Smatience

I’m just going to say it. Life’s too short to be patient. I know this isn’t considered a ‘mature’ or well-rounded view, but its a human one, and its realistic. Life really is short, and so is my patience. The older I get the less regard I have for this so-called virtue.


  • } bird {
    August 13, 2011 Reply

    haha I was just fed up on a day when I was feeling really sick and therefore irritable. Im sick a lot these days. Sometimes I just worry that my time is running out and so I worry some more. But youre right. Patience with others and patience with self go hand in hand. I guess Im not being patient with myself lately. Thanks Bron x

  • Bronnie
    August 13, 2011 Reply

    Patience with others and patience with self to me go hand in hand with kindness/empathy towards yourself and others and I am finding that easier as I get older.

    However I totally agree with you with you as regards patience with circumstance. Why can’t the world just come on already and march to my drumbeat which is way cooler. Things that I want need to happen, happen on my time

    Hope you are feeling better : )

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