06 Aug 2011

Update From Fro

Its been a tough week for Frolina. She had a little op and has lots of tummy stitches 🙁

I took off my seawolf medicine and let her wear it so she can heal faster…

When Frolina first came into my life I hunted high and low to find a vet who would partial-spay her. I’ve spayed other cats before and they just got fat and sad. I didn’t want to deal with litters of kittens but at the same time, I wanted her to still enjoy being a young cat and not have to have all her natural feminine hormones removed and go into menopause immediately like that. So she has had a great time outdoors, particularly in Colorado romping around in the wilds, enjoying the full range of sensations and emotions of being a healthy young feline.

Sadly the last two homes we have lived in have been on main roads or too high for her to get outside. So she started to leave her scent indoors – peeing on everything. Soaking mattresses and couches to dripping! Oh its been a nightmare. She would go into heat the moment she came in contact with any testosterone, so any male who walked into the house would set her off, and it would go on for days, meowing all night, no-one could sleep… Both Melissa and Morgan were real troopers – dealing with all of this, also wanting her to keep her doodabs intact. But it all became too much recently. We couldn’t keep up with her trail of disaster and so, I’ve had to get her fully spayed 🙁

For two nights before though, we let her out late while the traffic was almost dead, so she could have a great time with her boyfriend, Fromeo. He was so sweet with her, so kind, took his time, such a gentleman. Kept her busy for hours! He was a bit of a bad boy – some missing fur around his neck so they were the perfect couple. Afterwards they’d hang out on the back door step and chat for a while and then she’d come in, really happy and cuddle up with me to sleep.

Poor Fromeo is going to be so heartbroken. She was his favourite. He got his name from howling outside the window for days, while Frolina would stand up and scratch at the window for him. He’d wait and howl from sunset to sunrise for her. I hope they will still hang out again. They were so sweet together.

Frolina Tuvalu’s Photo Album

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