24 Aug 2011

Where’s Waldalina

The entire perception of my surroundings is out of whack. I keep thinking I’m sitting in front of my laptop at Melissa’s in West Newton, then get up and realise, ohhhh… I’m actually in a motel room and have to think hard where exactly and why I’m here, realising it’s Springfield Missouri, then for some reason to get to the bathroom I start to walk towards where the bedroom door would be at Morgan’s which is where I last stayed in Pittsburgh, even though I JUST realised I was in a motel. I hope this goes away… its a bit freaky… Its been months since I woke up knowing for sure where I was. And every time I wake up — which is a few times a night — and realise Thiago isn’t right there next to me I get completely sad.

It’s a bit like breaking the news every single day to a senile old lady that her husband has passed a long time ago, and she starts crying all over again like it just happened. Except I get to break the news to myself.


Anyway, these are the two pups I’ve been sitting this week in Missouri – Punkin and Buddy. They are absolute angels, listen to everything I say and keep me snuggled at night. They are feeling blue too, and often wake up wondering what the heck I’m doing there instead of their dad. I’m thinking about doing this pup-sitting gig for a bit longer, but it will take me on the road again for a few months and might make me feel even more senile. Will have to see.

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