30 Jan 2012

No New Years Resolution..

… as usual. Dont really believe in setting myself up for faliure. However, this year I’d really like to (not have to) find and decide on the land and the country where I’m going to build my home and start a rooted life, even if I am going to do it alone. Then, like the ocean I will remain calmly where I live and wait while the rivers run to me, because thats how it works. No more running around like I have been the past… uh… 8 years now. Something like that.

So, Im going back to South Africa for the first time in over a decade in March and I’m curious to see if it grabs me, because I’ve traveled a lot already across the states and a bit of Central America and Brazil and still havent found that bit of land that just feels right… where I know I belong. I really hope it all comes together this year so I can start posting actual updates of the build on my blog!! How exciting would that be? An actual tiny house build! Maybe even a treehouse!

This year had a really rough start, you dont even wanna know, haha. But I still hope that 2012 has some nice surprises in store anyway. Going to give it all the best I have!


  • } bird {
    February 3, 2012 Reply

    Thank you for all your thoughts steph. they are always spot on. I really hope this sandstorm will settle down eventually, and maybe our feathers will land touching one day. I have missed you.

  • chloe
    February 3, 2012 Reply

    ok, so after hitting submit i saw the words south africa and went back and read the rest. again, my own sentiments exactly. i feel like i’ve been on the search for ever too, which has also been my excuse for running around (away?). i’m in total support, even if only by way of thought energies, of your finding a piece of earth to rest, create your space, and breath. it seems as if our paths are similar…as they have always seemed to me. great big hugs for you olivia. and apologies for the bombardment of all these comments.

  • chloe
    February 3, 2012 Reply

    i just read the first line and stopped. my sentiments exactly.

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