21 Apr 2012

Goddess Oceana on Tantric Love

When I personally think of Tantric sex I think of a deep intimate connection on a spiritual level that really shifts and moves. It’s a healing experience, and it’s not just during intercourse or a sexual act — it’s all the time.

Are you seeing yourself in your partner? Subconsciously we don’t choose our partners because we’ll live happily ever after — because we dont — who does? We keep seeing magazine articles: “Live happily ever after” or “Make it all better” or “What’s wrong with your relationship”, well it’s not. When something’s “wrong” with your relationship it’s SO right, because thats where you break open your soul. Thats where you let go of the triggers of the old wounds. Thats the gift that that person brings to you.

So being able to commit in such a way and intentionally with another person throughout all of your life, not just in the moment, or for a few months or just while youre having sex, or just when you’re getting along, but always committing to taking it higher on a spiritual level, to really looking at yourself, to being willing to be so vulnerable… really its a crucible… the ultimate playground for transformation. And that extends into the bedroom.”

~Light up your Life with Passion & Sensuality~Goddess Oceana
by The Weekly Vibe


  • David
    April 22, 2012 Reply

    Reiki Tantric Love Making = Healing Love Making Over Distance….

    Om Tat Sat

    • } bird {
      April 22, 2012 Reply

      Wonderful! Thanks for the tip David 🙂

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