09 May 2012

Just putting it out there…

…because that’s usually when things start to happen. So this is island Ko Pha-ngan, in the Gulf of Thailand. And I would like to live here someday. Soonish.

So I’ve never been to Thailand before. I know! Incredible isn’t it! It seems like the most obvious place in the world to visit. The problem with Thailand is I’ve wanted to go for decades but I’ve had this sneaking suspicion that if I went there, even to visit, I wouldn’t want to leave. Ever. Which would put a damper on the whole travel thing quite a bit. I think its a bit like being afraid to meet the person of your dreams too early, because then you might want to settle down and produce their spawn. So… I’m still resisting a little bit, but I feel that there are so many signs now, and so much of my past is releasing, or Im releasing so much from my past that I could do this soon.

could this be Thailand?Imagine… an Isle Land in Thai Land! Eating Thai food every day. REAL Thai food. Living on a beach in the secluded gulf protected from earthquakes and tsunamis and general 1st world nonsense, surrounded by nature and creativity. Mmmmmm I can so imagine it, its like I’m already there… No no I must focus! There are other things to do first. I have to earn money and connect to the internet to do that so that I can go back to Port Land for a bit. And also think about it a little more… plan a bit better. Give myself time to change my mind. Wouldnt it be amazing to live on the beach there? Or a boat? Fro would do her NUT in Thailand!!! Uhh… whenever I start thinking about this idea I get lost for days and days and its hard to get back on track and focus on real life. But I must. So… to be continued I say.


  • Philip
    May 9, 2012 Reply

    Livvy come and visit me and we can go to Thailand. Its right nextdoor… xxx

    • } bird {
      May 9, 2012 Reply

      How amazing! I was just thinking of you a few minutes ago, and that very idea!

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