20 Aug 2012

Walking the optimal path no matter how it looks


Some of the decisions I’ve been making the past few weeks go against almost everything I believed I was supposed to think and do, everything that is expected of me, of how Im expected to think and behave. I guess these restrictions came not only from societal rules and the media, but from my own projections of how I wanted others to see me, while I tried to figure out who I really was. This old habit created when I was a kid went through unchecked into adulthood and really, its a hassle. I think we almost all do this, at least a huge chunk of our lives. The strong desire to break free started happening a few weeks into practicing Sun Gazing.

I am determined and COMMITTED to stay on the path of following my highest excitement at all times, to choose from the various options in each moment the thing that brings me the highest feeling of joy, and to do it to the best of my ability, and with ZERO expectation. So far so good.

Aside from the tremendous joy-filled life that results, this is also the most effective way to break the heavy restrictive conditioning of old programming, outdated norms and ideas of who I SHOULD be to become someone far greater than this here now, who I REALLY Am. Taken to the furthest level of becoming who we really are, the realisation of which I imagine to be Enlightenment. Can there be a greater goal?

This process requires a huge amount of trust in myself, bravery, a touch of what could be viewed as madness, yet it is time and time again generating day after day of intense joy and satisfaction that is compounding the effects and attracting even more joy into my life. And as this joy grows it attracts more joy and the deeper I go with this… the more successfully it works, the more trust I have in myself.

Acting on your highest excitement – it might hit your center as truth too as it did for me.

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