06 Nov 2012

OSHO on the institute of marriage and raising children

OSHO presents some very challenging ideas in this interview that I have been thinking over for years and years now, before I knew about him. Each time I reach the conclusions that he presents (which is reoccuring with annoying frequency) that these ideas are correct, and then my social conditioning convinces me to be careful. That in giving up the usual aspirations I will be giving up a dream of some kind… but this dream doesn’t exist, does it?

Where is the perfect, completely fulfilling marriage? Where are the perfect parents? Where are the kids that weren’t in some way scarred by their parents ideas, politics, fears, social prejudices, guilt? I can only think of two couples that have been passionate about each other for over 2 decades – one of the couples don’t even have sex any more but are best friends and work well together, but that no sex part would seriously suck!!! I’m not built for that level of frustration). And even so, will they all last even further down the line? And what are the chances that I could be one in a 1,000,000 couples that achieves that level of fulfillment and agreement between each other for such a long time? Also, am I being enriched by having various long term relationships with totally different people who bring out different aspects of myself more than I would be in one life-long one with one person?

I keep coming back to the drawing board on this. A huge part of me is hoping to spend my lifetime with The One, you know, the one that probably doesn’t exist. I guess, given one more year, I’ll let it all go completely and realise that these inklings I’ve had for years that the dream doesn’t exist, these ideas that OSHO speaks of with such clarity and logic, really are the only non-delusional way forward. And these feelings that I have, I often worry how it will affect the budding relationship I’m in which has been the most promising and easy companionship I’ve come across in many many years… because I realise my ideas are often way out there, often a bit scary and not exactly his idea of the dream marriage with kids and all that lovely stuff that he’s alluded to… and its way too early to discuss it I think. Anyway, how would I broach it? I’m not even totally convinced one way or the other. All I know is I failed at two marriages already so I’m already leaning away from it being the answer for me.

Anyway, I hope you got a chance to see the video. Whether or not you’re single, in a relationship or married, its worth a thought or two. Id love to know your thoughts and whether you’re single, married, looking etc, what has worked for you, what hasn’t etc. Or if you’re a believer that the dream is real, because you’re actually LIVING it. That would be awesome too. Of course I want to believe its real. *sigh*


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