16 Jan 2013

Becoming more conscious

And this, from my perspective at least, is the main point of Vipassana…

‎In truth, we are all cruising along at different levels of consciousness, unaware or entirely aware of our surroundings. This effects everything. If we are conscious of our words, we can speak with clarity and kindness, conversely, carelessness causes harm. Words hurt and cannot be taken back. Our level of consciousness directly effects the daily results we experience in our lives. Low consciousness results in pain, suffering, heartache, lack of empathy, lack of personal care for ones self, others and the environment in which we live. Growing consciousness bares fruit of positive results: understanding, peace of mind, empathy, charity, a deeper connection to others, a kinder and more thoughtful mode of speech. Furthermore, a growing consciousness reduces the level an individual places upon themself and redirects that importance to all that they affect.
~ Gabriel D. Roberts

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