19 Mar 2013

Dwolla Coupon Code

I’ve stopped using PayPal altogether. Their fees are way too high, they freeze accounts over stupid stuff and they’re generally unresponsive and crap. Replaced them with Dwolla over a year ago to receive payments from clients, and haven’t looked back. Simple, 0-25c transactions. Sign up with this link (http://refer.dwolla.com/a/clk/2jGX68) and pad your account with a free $10 transaction credit. Nice! Once you’ve signed up if you want to earn more, share your referral link with friends and get another $10 into your account with every signup.

dwolla app screenshot

Transaction fees:
Cost to send money: $0.00
Cost to request money: $0.00
Cost to receive $10 or less: $0.00
Cost to receive more than $10: $0.25

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