25 Mar 2013

How to get an anonymous UNLIMITED cellphone plan with no contract, cheap

I wrote this guide based on a tip-off from a friend for the good folks who are interested in eventually going off the grid and becoming more anonymous.

IMO, this is the holy trinity of cellphone plans:
1. UNLIMITED calls, text and high-speed data
3. Completely ANONYMOUS

And its half to a third of the price of most unlimited CONTRACTS.

anonymous cellphoneThe deal costs $50 a month and will need to pop into a T-Mobile branch each month to pay/recharge it. T-Mobile’s network currently only supports unlocked GSM-compatible phones. Make sure your phone is compatible with T-Mobile sim cards and network first!
» Check my phones compatibility with T-Mobile here

Here’s how to get it:

Just walk into any T-Mobile store and ask for a prepaid-simcard (make sure you know what type of simcard your phone supports). They will ask to see your ID but maybe you forgot to bring it with you, so that’s OK. If for some reason its not OK with them, just go to another branch and try again because it usually works. When they ask you for your name, provide a name. Remember your name, because you will use this along with your chosen 4-digit pin to recharge every month. They will then ask to see your phone so they can write a bunch of identifying serial numbers down to go along with your new phone number before they hand the sim over to you, but since its nobody’s business you probably forgot to bring your phone with you, and that’s OK. Then you ask for their prepaid $50 per month unlimited plan they dont really advertise (but you can ask for it), pay for the first month in cash, and come back every month to pay in cash again to keep it going.

REMEMBER: If you ever attach your phone number to your gmail or facebook account with your real name, (that security feature you can use to retrieve your password) you’re breaking your anonymity, so you might want to come up with a plan there. And any time you don’t renew your plan in cash but use a card, you’re tying a name to the phone number.

I am currently with Solavei. If you are interested in an even cheaper and more convenient (online payment) contract-free UNLIMITED deal, but you don’t care about being anonymous, you can get hooked up with Solavei for $49 a month, NO CONTRACT (or free): UNLIMITED 4G DATA, UNLIMITED texts, UNLIMITED talk, no overage even in roaming, and NO CONTRACT. Pay monthly online, and share with your friends to get it for free or earn a nice income.


  • Chris Anon
    July 3, 2014 Reply

    You can use a VPN with Google voice or more professional anonymous services like lazersms.com. You have to learn something but the possibilities are there 🙂

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