30 Apr 2013

Identifying as a Victim

It doesn’t make sense to me anymore to decide that I am or was a ‘victim’ of someone or something that happened to me. The person who does bad stuff to you doesn’t make you a victim. Only thoughts do. From there we decide if we are going to allow those thoughts to convince us that it is now our Identity. Our ego is always looking for some or other story to add to our importance, to make us more interesting to ourselves at ANY cost. Realise the power you originally had in that choice belief, and recognise that you can JUST as easily take your power back! You can just as easily see yourself totally differently.

Notice what happens when you DECIDE the powerful word ‘victim’ no longer applies to you. When, “I am a cancer victim” or “I am a victim of rape” changes to “I experienced rape in my life before…” And notice how from there it starts to unfold into… “… and from that experience I discovered that / realised that / now feel about myself….” When that shift happens, consistently, you will notice your whole energy change to someone who no longer attracts the matching frequency / recognition of perpetrators and sickness in their lives, but someone who attracts experiences that further EMPOWER and build you. Think of frequency like a lock and key system. The frequency you project is on the hunt for its matching frequency to complete its belief, its purpose, and the other person’s frequency finds you just as fast. Every choice we make from ANY mindset-frequency will bring us closer and closer to that destiny. No matter what we believe, it is ALWAYS proved right to ourselves in the end. Ever noticed that? Ever got that feeling of destiny / soul-mate with someone who turned out to be abusive? That’s all that’s happening. There is no real deep meaning to it. Just the perfect match of lock and key happening. Its just physics.

Every day, every moment we get to decide which frequency to broadcast around us (it leaks out in our words, our body language, our eyes to EVERYONE what we deep down believe), and that broadcast, every day brings us closer and closer to situations and experiences that become our personal destiny FROM that belief. There is so much power in recognising this. I just wanted to share it because understanding it has made a huge difference in my life.


  • } bird {
    April 30, 2013 Reply

    I’m really glad. Sometimes when I look at things I’ve looked at over and over again in the past, but from another persons angle, it finally clicks.

  • chloe peppercorn
    April 30, 2013 Reply

    it’s something i feel like i know, and that a lot of people know, but hearing it, or reading it…actually putting words to it…is what gives it an existence, life

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