21 Jul 2015

Mosaic Moon – fine hand painted and hand dyed yarns

It’s hard to believe I was gifted this highly coveted skein set and it’s in my mitts! This gittery hand-crafted mini skein set made by Morwenna Palmehn of Mosaic Moon™ was inspired by the 4th Dr. Who’s scarf. I’m thrilled to be working on her new line of packaging to go with her lovely logo designed by the illustrious Echo-X, and soon a new website will be in the works too! The colours are truly amazing. I’m a little bit intimidated by the yarn (due to my rather average knitting skill) and hope I don’t waste it on the wrong project. But I’m going to do it anyway!!!

These scrmuptious sets would make some amazing Whovian socks, mitts, even a stripey sweater!  All 7 colors of the 4th Dr.'s scarf in mini skein semisolids with the brand-new '4th Doctor's Scarf' colorway.

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