02 May 2017

What Is Blocking Your Abundance?

I’ve been noticing lately that I can’t feel negatively about something I want, and be in the same place that lets it in. It’s like oil and water.

For example, any negative thoughts and feelings I have from time to time surrounding money and those who have it, holds me away from it in precisely that equal measure. Your subconscious will never allow it in, and do everything it can in its power to sabotage and “protect” you from it, whatever that thing is. So every time a negative or jealous thought arises, I question it and decide whether it’s still all that useful a belief to me to hold on to or not. Money, despite being a neutral tool when not in play, tends to be a hot issue that has a lot of emotions and memories attached to it for most people, which is why I’m using it as an example. But really this concept works with everything we want while holding volatile feelings about. Shedding guilt and fear around wealth seems to be a continuous process and requires quite a lot of maintenance to stay on track but it steadily pays off with each shedding. I think of these awkward tweaks and adjustments as investing in my future self.

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