03 Oct 2010

Less than a month left……………..

Feeling anxious about it today. Trying to release attachments since the first day I arrived, now I need to be ready to release attachments to being around this family every day, certain incredible people, all the hugs all the time, releasing this amazing beautiful place. It’s going to be a big shift. If I can do it. If I leave with attachments it’s going to ache and never stop.

I love this place. It’s my home right now. These people are my family. I’m here to learn to let go. Leaving will be the biggest lesson of all.

Super Amazing Pete. happy happy mud hug.


Lovely Lliana…

Niklaas the walking Zen Garden and Lanka Buddha

Marjanne I miss you!

Carol making a late night butterfly on her toe

Oh James. Left us and came back a day later.

Pete, Gaia and Paul


  • Vernis Lemire
    April 17, 2016 Reply

    Iwant to participe to volunteer program this summer. I have a question for you: How was the room/dorm? Do you have some pictures?

    Thank you!

    Veronic a worry girl 😉

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