A Developer with Natural Design Sense

With nearly two decades in custom web design, I know how difficult it can be to find a developer with good design sense and attention to detail. So I’m becoming one. As a budding Android and web app developer, I’m passionate about the user’s experience and study daily to increase my knowledge and experience in the field. My partner is an independent short film director and editor who works with me to complete the full gamut of any and all your creative requirements so you can let the ideas flow and bring your dream to life.

Behind the Scenes

I do what I love, and I love to create beautiful, engaging experiences.

Olivia Meiring

Web & Print (Design & Production)

I am Yummy Wakame and your main point of contact. I’m a wanderlusting South African now a U.S. Citizen, with over 17 years agency and freelance experience in design for web & print. I am currently enrolled in an awarded Google Scholarship for Android App Development.

Omid Shabkhiz

Video (Editor, Director, Writer, Producer)

My greatest passion is film. Film/Cinema/Video Studies at UCLA.
“Banished” Selected at Big Apple Film Festival.
“Delusive Dreams” Won 1st Place at 818 Film Festival.
Owner: Independence Studio

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